Relevant data is more important than data

The top-down data approach featured by most countries doing open data may not be the best fit for everyone. In particular, individuals may have more immediate data needs that are not covered by a higher scale data policy. It is also likely that different sub-groups of a given target population will have different conceptualisations of the world, and/or use different dialects.

Related projects

  • PraSem is a project about adjusting the semantics of the Web of Data to fit localized contexts. As an example, the DataHives reasoner moves the reasoning rules to the data hosting nodes thereby taking better account of local meanings.
  • SampLD is a project aimed at reducing a set of triple to its  most useful subset in order to save resources. Here, we use the structure of the graph alone to detect relevant triples, from which we select the sample. 


  • Stefan Schlobach <>
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