Data sharing usually focuses on centralized and very powerful solutions centred around Web hosted servers and (mobile) clients accessing it. As a direct consequence, the usage of Linked Data technology depends on the availability of a Web infrastructure compassing data-centres, high speed reliable Internet connection and modern client devices. If any of this is missing, our community is not able, yet, to provide any Linked Data enabled data management solution. Still, the digital divide that is currently widely recognized separates the world into those who have access to Web-based platforms and those who don’t.

When designing Linked Data platforms we tend to forget those 4 Billion persons who don’t have access to Internet but would benefit from being able to share structured data. We should keep everyone in mind when we design Linked Data platforms and aim at helping to reduce this digital divide. We believe that achieving this goal implies working on three aspects (Infrastructure, Interfaces and Relevancy) around open data.


None of us can work on all these challenges alone, but we yet need to be all considered together. WorldWideSemanticWeb.org is a collaborative effort to document steps made into that direction and provide an entry point to different projects. It’s is an open community everyone interested in these line of work is much welcome to join. To learn more about every of these specific topics, know what we are exactly doing and who to get in touch with, please follow these links:

Here is a short video introducing our group and some of our work so far:

If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us !

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