How-to: Dual boot Android / FirefoxOS on a Nexus 7 edition 2013

As you know we bought a very cool phone to play around with Firefox OS but that’s not all, we also bought a Nexus 7 edition 2013. Sadly this tablet is not shipped with FirefoxOS but there are several tools produced by the community on XDA (kudos to them!) that make it possible to install a dual-boot Android / FirefoxOS. Here is a summarised step by step guide assuming you start with a freshly unboxed tablet.

  1. Enable USB debugging : go on the information about the device in the settings menu, tap 7 times on build to make the dev menu appear and enable USB debugging.
  2. Use the root kit to root the device and install CWM : download the root-kit from XDA, start it and select the menu entry 3 for the Nexus 7 2013, navigate through the options to unlock the bootloader, flash CWM standard and then reboot the device. Restart again from the main menu and choose “root the device”, then follow the instructions to install the “” file and root the device. Reboot again.
  3. Install SuperSU : download and install SuperSU from Google Play, update the SU binary using “normal” and reboot.
  4. Install MultiROM : download MultiROM from XDA, start it and use SuperSU to grant root access, install everything including the kernel (pick the stock 4.4.2).
  5. Install FirefoxOS : using MultiROM, install the FirefoxOS rom you can download from XDA too.

Voilà ! You now have a Nexus 7 that offers you to pick on the OS of your choice at boot time. Enjoy! 🙂

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