Downscaling Entity Registries for Poorly-Connected Environments

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Emerging online applications based on the Web of Objects or Linked Open Data typically assume that connectivity to data repositories and entity resolution services are always available. This may not be a valid assumption in many cases. Indeed, there are about 4.5 billion people in the world who have no or limited Internet access. Many data-driven applications may have a critical impact on the life of those people, but are inaccessible to those populations due to the architecture of today’s data registries.

Examples of data registries include the domain name registries. These are databases containing registered Internet domain names. They are necessary for all Web users wishing to visit a website knowing its URL (e.g. rather than its IP address (e.g. Another example of data registry is the Digital Object Architecture (DOA) which assigns unique identifiers to digital objects (e.g. scientific…

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I am a researcher mainly interested in : architectures for publishing, consuming and preserving Linked Open Data in low-resource contexts; complex systems; education; data visualisation; video games

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2 comments on “Downscaling Entity Registries for Poorly-Connected Environments
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